Welcome to the night shift.

For mavericks, mavens, and moonlighters. For fixers, for fighters, for flies on the wall. For alley cats, book worms, and barn owls; for smugglers, lovers, and freaks. For truckers, two-timers, and time travelers; for sharpshooters, hot-heads, and easy riders; for guards, ghosts, and gumshoes; for friends and foes alike. For street sweepers, singers, and slip-ups. For hustlers, helpers, and howlers. For gamblers, geckos, and goons. For pushers, puzzlers, prayers, poachers, punks, prawns, and pyros. Not. For. Couch. Potatoes! For friendly fire. For fools. For bats, barflies, and bedroom eyes; for show-stoppers, for side-steppers. For state secrets, for science. For all-around, stand-up guys. For you, for me, for girl next door. For nothing, for no one. For now.